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Magnetic Properties of Chromium(lll) Complexes with Some Amino Acids

K. Gielzak and W. Wojciechowski

Institute of Chemistry, Pedagogical University, PL-42201 Czestochowa


Abstract: The variation of molar magnetic susceptibility with temperature of a series of Cr(Ill) complexes with some amino acids has been determined. The results have been used to calculate the Weiss constant and the Values of effective magnetic moments. The EPR spectra for obtained polycrystalline compounds have been recorded.In the case of the near octahedral complexes it has been shown that g factors, antiferromagnetic properties as well as effective magnetic moments can be simply related to the change on the Cr3+  ion in the eg bonding orbitals. The experimental magnetic data are indicative of the exchange interaction among paramagnetic centres through the coordinated sphere.In this paper an attempt has been made to explain the magnetic properties and nature of the prepared complexes.

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Chemical Papers 49 (2) 54–58 (1995)

Wednesday, July 24, 2024

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