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The Role of Pressure in the Partial Methane Oxidation Process in the Pd—Oleum Environment

B. Michalkiewicz and K. Ka Lucki

Technical University of Szczecin, Institute of Chemical and Environment Engineering, PL-70-322 Szczecin



Received: 1 April 2003

Abstract: The methane esteri cation process was carried out at 180ºC in an autoclave containing oleum, using palladium as a catalyst. Then methyl esters were converted into methanol. The influence of the pressure on methane conversion and products yields was studied. The methane pressure was either varied from 1.5 to 5 MPa or was kept constant at 3.0 MPa. In the last case, the partial pressure of methane was changed by addition of nitrogen as the inert gas into the autoclave. At the constant methane partial pressure, the total pressure changes have no influence on the process. Only the methane partial pressure influences the process.


Chemical Papers 57 (6) 393–396 (2003)

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