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Respiratory Activity of Aspergillus niger W78B during Gluconic and Citric Acid Biosynthesis

W. Podgorski, R. Gruszka, and W. Lesniak

Food Biotechnology Department, Wroclaw University of Economics, PL-53 345 Wroclaw



Received: 3 March 2002

Abstract: Based on experiments carried out on synthetic media with saccharose andglucose, the activity of Aspergillus niger W78B strain with respect togluconic and citric acid biosynthesis was correlatedwith oxygen consumption andcarbon dioxide evolution by the microorganisms (gases exchange).The strainrevealed a high eficiency of substrate conversion to gluconic and citric acid,giving ayield factor of product on substrate, YP/S, close to 1and 0.8, respectively. The product formationindicated 5 times higher rate ofgluconate than citrate synthesis. It was caused by almost 1.5 timeshighervalues of speci_c oxygen uptake and 3 times lower demand of microorganism cellson oxygenin the case of gluconic acid synthesis.

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Chemical Papers 57 (1) 35–38 (2003)

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