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Solid State Chemistry in Two Dimensions

J. A. Schwarz, C. Contescu, and V. T. Popa

Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York 13244-1190


Abstract: Acidic properties (acid sites strength and concentration) of three series of mixed oxide catalysts (titania-silica, zirconia-silica, and alumina-silica) were analyzed by proton affinity distributions. Catalytic properties under mild dehydration conditions (but-l-ene isomerization at 423 K) of these materials were also evaluated. a Bronsted-type correlation was found between first-order apparent isomerization rate constants and acid strengths of certain components of the pK spectra of the catalysts. This was explained in terms of proton transfer processes that take place at both wet and dry interfaces, i.e. at the surface hydroxyl layer. The results were discussed on the basis of the presence of large surface hydroxyl populations on all catalysts under the reaction conditions.

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Chemical Papers 52 (6) 717–724 (1998)

Wednesday, June 19, 2024

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