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Inhibition of Oxygen Evolution Rate in Freshwater Algae Chlorella vulgaris by Some Anilides of Substituted Pyridine-4-carboxylic Acids

K. Kráľová, M. Miletin, and M. Doležal

Institute of Chemistry, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Comenius University, SK 842 15 Bratislava



Abstract: The inhibitory activity of 11 anilides of 2-alkylsulfanylpyridine-4-carboxylic acids (R = SC3H7, SC5H11, SCH2C6H5, S-iC4H9; substituents in the anilide moiety: 2'-OH, T-OH, 5'-Cl, 3'-Br, 4'-Br, 3'-CF(3), 5'-CF3) on oxygen evolution rate (OER) in freshwater algae Chlorella vulgaris has been investigated. The IC50 values in the investigated set varied in the range from 47.7 μmol dm-3 (R = SC3H7, Y = X2 = H, X1= 4'-Br) to 474.1 μmol dm-3 (R = SCH2C6H5, Y = 2'-OH, X1 = X2 = H). The dependence of photosynthesis-inhibiting activity upon the lipophilicity of the substituents showed a quasi-parabolic course indicating that for the OER-inhibiting activity in Chlorella vulgaris the lipophilicity of the compound is determining.

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Chemical Papers 55 (4) 251–253 (2001)

Tuesday, June 18, 2024

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