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Acridin-9-yl Isothiocyanate: Comparison of Structural Parameters from Quantum-Chemical Calculations with Corresponding X-Ray Data

A. Danihel, S. Böhm, and T. Bušová

Department of Organic Chemistry, P. J. Šafárik University, SK-041 67 Košice



Abstract: X-Ray structural parameters of acridin-9-yl isothiocyanate were confirmed and compared with those obtained by AM1, PM3, and ab initio calculations. For ab initio results, the angle C-9-N-C-10 is critical from the viewpoint of this comparison. Experimental structural parameters for representative isothiocyanates (acridin-9-yl isothiocyanate, 9-isothiocyanato-10-methylacridinium cation, HNCS, CH3NCS, vinyl isothiocyanate, PhNCS, 4-BrC6H4NCS) are in good agreement with those obtained by ab initio calculations if electron correlation effects were involved using the 6-31G and 6-311G basis set, respectively, with polarization functions on nitrogen atom. AM1 and PM3 calculated parameters are in good agreement with all structural experimental data under consideration.

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Chemical Papers 55 (2) 113–117 (2001)

Saturday, June 25, 2022

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