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HPLC Evaluation of Diclofenac in the Various Forms of Therapeutic Preparations

L. Hanyšová, M. Mokrý, P. Kastner, and J. Klimeš

Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Drug Control, Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Králové, Charles University in Prague, CZ-500 05 Hradec Králové, Czech Republic



Received: 5 December 2003

Abstract: High-performance liquid chromatography was selected for analytical evaluation of sodium diclofenac in the tablets and gel-type therapeutic preparations and also for evaluation of sodium diclofenac and lidocaine hydrochloride in the ampoule-type composite preparation. After isolation of diclofenac from these preparations the samples were analyzed on column with reversed phase, using the mobile phase methanol and phosphate buffer (pH = 3.2) and detection was at λ = 282 nm. In the composite therapeutic preparation diclofenac and lidocaine were analyzed on column with reversed phase using the mobile phase Metonitrile and phosphate buyer (pH = 3.72) and detection was at λ = 220 nm. The precision was determined by the relative standard deviation and the recovery was determined by comparing the peak area of six different concentrations with the peak area obtained after adding substances to a diluted preparation.

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Chemical Papers 59 (2) 103–108 (2005)

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