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Volume 51, Number 1 / 1997, Pages 5 – 66

Determination of the Surface Activity of Powders by Electrochemical Methods 5 10
M. Gálová, K. Markušová, L. Lux, I. Žežula, and R. Oriňáková
Application of Voltammetric Microelectrodes for Mercury Trace Analysis in Food Products - Fruit Juices and Beer 11 14
M. Rievaj, Š. Mesároš, A. Brunová, and D. Bustin
Voltammetric Determination of Antimony in Natural Waters 15 21
D. Rúriková and M. Počuchová
Thermal Rearrangement of Pyridylnitramines 22 28
Z. Daszkiewicz, A. Domański, and J. B. Kyziol
Kinetics and Mechanism of Reaction of Methoxide Ion with 0-( N-Ary lcarbamoyl) benzophenone Oximes 29 32
V. Kožený, J. Mindl, and V. Štěrba
Synthesis of New 3-Acryloyl-l,2-dihydro-4-hydroxy-l-rnethyl-2-oxoquinoline Derivatives and their Behaviour towards Some Nucleophiles 33 42
S. S. Ibrahim, H. A. Allimony, and E. S. Othman
Quinolones Substituted by Different Moieties. 3. Reactions of l,2-Dihydro-4-hydroxy-l-methyl-2-oxoquinoline-3-carbaldehyde with Some Cyclic Active Methylene Compounds 43 47
M. M. Ismail, E. A. Mohamed, and M. Abass
0-Methyl-5-allyl-N-(2- and 4-Substituted 9-Acridinyl)iminothiocarbonates - New Reactive Intermediates with Fluorescence Properties 48 51
P. Kristian, S. Hočová, J. Imrich, J. Bernát, and T. Bušová
Water-Extractable Polysaccharide Complex of Rudbeckia fulgida, var. sullivantii (Boynton et Beadle) Possesses Antitussive Activity 52 59
A. Kardošová, D. Košťálová, P. Capek, V. Pätoprstý, and S. Fraňová
Miscibility Studies of Poly(Styrene—со—Acrylonitrile) with Methyl Methacrylate Based Copolymers: Phase Behaviour and Interaction Parameters 60 63
D. Lath, E. Lathová, and Ľ. Hrčková
Dr. Ing. Štefan Bauer, DrSc. (1922—1996) Obituary 65 66
P. Biely and V. Farkaš

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