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Volume 75, Number 12 / 2021, Pages 6147 – 6676

Aggregation induced emission of chalcones 6147 6156
Kagatikar, Sneha, Sunil, and Dhanya
How to express the antioxidant properties of substances properly? 6157 6167
Olszowy-Tomczyk and Małgorzata
Analytical methods for the identification of micro/nano metals in e-cigarette emission samples: a review 6169 6180
AL-Qaysi, Wafaa Waleed, Abdulla, and Fatma H.
Benzocaine as a precursor of promising derivatives: synthesis, reactions, and biological activity 6181 6215
Taha, Israa, Keshk, Eman M., Khalil, Abdel-Galil M., Fekri, and Ahmed
Adsorption onto zeolites: molecular perspective 6217 6239
Salmankhani, Azam, Mousavi Khadem, Seyed Soroush, Seidi, Farzad, Hamed Mashhadzadeh, Amin, Zarrintaj, Payam, Habibzadeh, Sajjad, Mohaddespour, Ahmad, Rabiee, Navid, Lima, Eder C., Shokouhimehr, Mohammadreza, Varma, Rajender S., Saeb, and Mohammad Reza
Study on foam extinguishing agents based on hydrocarbon and perfluorinated branched short-chain fluorocarbon surfactants mixed system 6241 6255
Yang, Ya-Wen, Fang, Jia-Qing, Sha, Min, Zhang, Ding, Pan, Ren-Ming, Jiang, and Biao
Improved sensing performance of porous silicon photodetector with CuO nanoparticles 6257 6264
Hussein, Haitham T., Mohammed, Mustafa K. A., Kamel, Reham I., Nayef, and Uday M.
Corrosion behavior of Al12Cr12Fe35Mn21Ni20 high entropy alloy in different acidic media 6265 6274
Mohamed, Lamiaa Z., Gepreel, Mohamed A. H., Abdelfatah, and Aliaa
Nitroarenes as versatile building blocks for the synthesis of unsymmetrical urea derivatives and N-Arylmethyl-2-substituted benzimidazoles 6275 6283
Rodríguez-Huerto, Paula A., Peña-Solórzano, Diana, Ochoa-Puentes, and Cristian
Photovoltaic performance properties, DFT studies, and synthesis of (E)-3-(diphenxy) acrylic acid substituted phthalocyanine complexes 6285 6295
Güngördü Solğun, Derya, Yıldıko, Ümit, Özkartal, Abdullah, Ağırtaş, and Mehmet Salih
A novel tetraphenylethylene-functionalized arylimidazole AIEgen for detections of picric acid and Cu2+ 6297 6306
Yin, Yuanye, Zhang, Shuaishuai, He, Xuan, Xu, Xiao, Zhang, Gaobin, Yang, Longmei, Kong, Lin, Yang, and Jiaxiang
Effervescence-assisted liquid phase microextraction prior to slotted quartz tube-flame atomic absorption spectrometry for cadmium determination in domestic wastewater samples 6307 6314
Borahan, Tülay, Karlıdağ, Nazime Ebrar, Yağcı, Özlem, Bakırdere, and Sezgin
Studying delivery of neuroprotective gabapentin drug by gold nanoparticles using a laser beam affecting surface plasmon resonance 6315 6321
Yan, Shaoyao, Li, Qiaoling, Nie, Huiyong, Wang, and Suoliang
Interaction between GW2974 and telomeric G-quadruplex DNA: a possible anticancer mechanism 6323 6333
Elhaty and Ismail A.
Insights on the intercalation mechanism of the coal-bearing kaolinite intercalation based on experimental investigation and molecular dynamics simulations 6335 6344
Zhang, Suhong, Gao, Ni, Liu, and Kai
pH-controlled new mixed-ligand coordination polymers: luminescent properties and promotion activity on the children bone growth and development 6345 6353
Jiang, Ping, Liu, Xiao-Qing, Sun, Ai-Ling, Wang, Cong, Liu, and De-Guang
Synthesis and properties of Sn-doped α-FeOOH nanoparticles 6355 6366
Popov, Nina, Ristić, Mira, Robić, Marko, Gilja, Vanja, Kratofil Krehula, Ljerka, Musić, Svetozar, Krehula, and Stjepko
CuCo2O4 as affective adsorbent for dispersive solid-phase extraction of lead from food, cigarette and water samples before FAAS detection 6367 6375
Uzcan, Furkan, Soylak, and Mustafa
Identification of a novel click-derived 1,2,3-triazole as selective Hg2+ ion detector: computational and experimental investigations 6377 6388
Ujan, Rabail, Arshad, Nasima, Perveen, Fouzia, Channar, Pervaiz Ali, Lal, Bhajan, Hussain, Mumtaz, Hussain, Zahid, Saeed, Aamer, Shehzadi, and Syeda Aaliya
A naked-eyes detection method and the influence of solid particles for the ultrasonic cavitation 6389 6397
Liu, Jian, Wang, Shixing, Liu, Chenhui, Zhang, Libo, Sun, and Wentong
Controlled preparation of Fe3O4/PLA composites and their properties 6399 6406
Yao, Lihui, Wang, Yajuan, Li, Ya, Jiang, Zhiqiang, Qiu, and Dan
Hydrothermal synthesis of Fe-doped ZnAl2O4 nanosheets: bandgap engineering and room temperature ferromagnetism 6407 6416
Gurugubelli, Thirumala Rao, Babu, Bathula, Kim, Jonghoon, Yoo, and Kisoo
Novel Polydimethylsiloxane membranes impregnated with SAPO-34 zeolite particles for gas separation 6417 6431
Haider, Bilal, Dilshad, Muhammad Rizwan, Akram, Muhammad Sarfraz, Islam, Atif, Kaspereit, and Malte
Physical, chemical and spectroscopic analysis of sludge from sewage treatment plant of Mila. Algeria for its valorization 6433 6439
Brahimi, Rabiaa, Cheurfi, Wassila, Laidoudi, Mouloud, Aouati, Mohamed Khelil, Bougherara, Hassina, Kebabi, and Brahim
Preyssler heteropolyacid supported on magnetic silica for hollow fiber solid-phase microextraction of anti-hypertensive drugs in human hair 6441 6454
Shi, Weidong, Shahri, Effat E., Es’hagi, Zarrin, Zhao, and Jianglong
Diarylamino-substituted perylene compound: synthesis, fluorescence, and application in yellow LEDs 6455 6463
Shi, Hong, Meng, Ru, Zhu, Senqiang, Lu, Jiapeng, Su, Huan, Liu, Rui, Zhu, and Hongjun
Synthesis, characterization, and in-vitro evaluation of piperine-loaded silica/hydroxyapatite mesoporous nanoparticles 6465 6475
Firouzjaei, Leila Gorgani, Mohammadi, Maedeh, Darzi, Ghasem Najafpour, Nikzad, Maryam, Kazemi, and Sohrab
Preparation of silver with an ultrathin molecular imprinted layer for detection of carbendazim by SERS 6477 6485
Ren, Xiaohui, Feng, Xiaoxiang, Li, Xuandong, Li, and Xin
Metal doped fullerene complexes as promising drug delivery materials against COVID-19 6487 6497
Bibi, Shamsa, Urrehman, Shafiq, Khalid, Laryeb, Yaseen, Muhammad, Khan, Abdul Quyyam, Jia, and Ran
Spectrophotometric determination of trace amounts of Sb(III) and Sb(V) in water and biological samples by in-tube dispersive liquid–liquid microextraction and air-assisted liquid–liquid microextraction 6499 6508
Moradi, Mohammad, Zarabi, Sanaz, Heydari, and Rouhollah
A new hexagalloyl compound from Emblica officinalis Gaertn.: antioxidant, cytotoxicity, and silver ion reducing activities 6509 6518
Abdel Bar, Fatma M., Abu Habib, Mohamed M., Badria, and Farid A.
Fabrication of hybrid membranes based on poly(ether-sulfone)/Materials Institute Lavoisier (MIL-53)(Al) and its enhanced CO2 gas separation performance 6519 6530
Lestari, Witri Wahyu, Rahman, Burhan Fatkhur, Pratama, Jeesica Hermayanti, Handayani, Desi Suci, Gunawan, Triyanda, Widiastuti, Nurul, Fansuri, and Hamzah
Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and dye removal properties of mucilage isolated from Litsea quinqueflora (Dennst.) Suresh 6531 6543
Jose, Sumin Mary, Anilkumar, and M.
Chitosan nanoparticles containing Elettaria cardamomum and Cinnamomum zeylanicum essential oils; repellent and larvicidal effects against a malaria mosquito vector, and cytotoxic effects on a human skin normal cell line 6545 6556
Sanei-Dehkordi, Alireza, Moemenbellah-Fard, Mohammad Djaefar, Sereshti, Hassan, Shahriari-Namadi, Marziae, Zarenezhad, Elham, Osanloo, and Mahmoud
Solubility of sinensetin and isosinensetin from Cat’s Whiskers (Orthosiphon stamineus) leaves in ethanol-assisted supercritical carbon dioxide extraction: experimental and modeling 6557 6563
Abdul Aziz, Ahmad Hazim, Putra, Nicky Rahmana, Zaini, Ahmad Syahmi, Idham, Zuhaili, Ahmad, Muhammad Zulhilmi, Che Yunus, and Mohd Azizi
Chemometrics-assisted electrochemical determination of dextromethorphan hydrobromide and phenylephrine hydrochloride by carbon paste electrode 6565 6573
Sefid-Sefidehkhan, Yasaman, Khoshkam, Maryam, Amiri, and Mandana
Polypyrrole/functionalized multi-walled carbon nanotube composite for optoelectronic device application 6575 6589
Zwawi, M., Attar, A., Al-Hossainy, A. F., Abdel-Aziz, M. H., Zoromba, and M. Sh.
Poly(vinyl alcohol)/(hyaluronic acid-g-kappa-carrageenan) hydrogel as antibiotic-releasing wound dressing 6591 6600
Özbaş, Zehra, Özkahraman, Bengi, Bayrak, Gülsen, Kılıç Süloğlu, Aysun, Perçin, Işık, Boran, Filiz, Tamahkar, and Emel
Synthesis and characterization of superabsorbent hydrogels from waste bovine hair via keratin hydrolysate graft with acrylic acid (AA) and acrylamide (AAm) 6601 6610
Arican, Fatih, Uzuner-Demir, Aysegul, Sancakli, Aykut, Ismar, and Ezgi
Applicability of ZnSNP@Gr nanocomposite for fabrication of an electrochemical sensor in simultaneous measuring of naltrexone, acetaminophen and ascorbic acid 6611 6623
Soltani, Nasrin, Tavakkoli, Nahid, Shahdost-fard, Faezeh, Davar, Fatemeh, Kochakalipour Ranjbar, and Anis
A validated method to assess glutathione peroxidase enzyme activity 6625 6637
Ahmed, Ahmed Yasser, Aowda, Saadon Abdulla, Hadwan, and Mahmoud Hussein
Magnetic dispersive micro-solid-phase extraction for the preconcentration and extraction of lead (II) and cadmium ions from environmental samples using magnetic CoFe2O4 @ SiO2@4-aminobenzoic acid-functionalized graphene oxide as a green and efficient sorbent 6639 6650
Khorasani, Vahideh, Khoshnood, Razieh Sanavi, Gholamhosseinian, and Hamid
Free radical scavenging activity and mechanisms of amidoalkyl-2-naphthol derivative: a joint experimental and theoretical study 6651 6660
Boudebbous, Khawla, Hamdouni, Noudjoud, Boulebd, Houssem, Zemamouche, Wissam, Boudjada, Ali, Debache, and Abdemadjid
Molecular designing of tetra-aryl-p-benzoquinones derivatives toward strong optical properties 6661 6671
Kiran, Adeela, Ali, Usman, Hussain, Amjad, Ahmad, Hafiz Muhammad Rizwan, Abbas, Faheem, Memon, Tarique Ahmed, Hussain, and Abid
Poly(neutral red) modified metal substrates for fingerprint visualization 6673 6676
Broncová, Gabriela, Slaninová, Tereza, Dendisová, and Marcela

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