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Volume 11, Number 10 / 1957, Pages 569 – 632

The spectral photometric changes of potassium chromic sulfates. II. The changes by aging 569 574
M. Zikmund
Inner complex salts of beryllium with organic acids of the type Be4O(RCO2)6 575 578
Ľ. Krasnec, J. Krätsmár-Šmogrovič, and A. Pivoda
The reaction of N-chlorosuccinimide with O,O-dialkyldithiophosphoric acids 579 582
Š. Truchlík, J. Mašek, and J. Drábek
Paper chromatographic determination of nonvolatile organic acids 583 589
M. Traiter
Determination of capsaicin. I. Reaction with p-diazobenzenesulfonic acid 590 601
V. Zitko
Laboratory distillation columns. The evaluation of some packing materials 602 614
J. Paulech and J. Dykyj
Study of Harden-Young's effects. III. Paper chromatography of phosphoric acid esters with sugar 615 620
K. Tomášek
The reaction of pentachlorophenol with 4-aminoantipyrine 621 625
K. Bencze and A. Plešková

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