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Volume 13, Number 5 / 1959, Pages 265 – 324

Physicochemical study of oil fractions from crude oil. I. Method and experimental technique 265 271
V. Kellö, V. Palo, and A. Tkáč
The determination of the degree of branching in polyethylene by infrared spectra 272 280
Š. Varga
Qualitative determination of other substances in commercial pectins 281 294
M. Kaláb and V. Zitko
Free amino acids in some varieties of commercial cheese 295 303
V. Palo and A. Aufrichtová
The effect of the combination of accelerators on vulcanization of natural rubber. I. The effect of diphenylguanidine in mixture with mercaptobenzothiazole 304 312
J. Beniska and P. Rosner
Vapor pressure of butyraldehydes 313 316
M. Šepráková, J. Paulech, and J. Dykyj
Isochoric gas discharging instrument 317 319
J. Janda

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