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ISSN electronic edition: 1336-9075
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Volume 15, Number 9 / 1961, Pages 617 – 688

A theory for rationally describing the location of cross sections and points on a figure in multicomponent systems. II. Simple second-order cross sections 617 624
M. Malinovský, K. Matiašovský, and C. Kubík
Kinetics of the formation of furfuryl alcohol resins 625 630
J. Mistrík and S. Bobula
Isothiocyanates. VII. Synthesis of 9-isothiocyanatoacridine and some of its derivatives 641 646
P. Kristián
Study of 'Harden-Young's' effect. V. Purification of the barium salt of diphosphate ester of D-fructose 647 650
A. Vojtková-Lepšíková and A. Kocková-Kratochvílová
The reaction of tannin with gelatin 651 660
V. Zitko and J. Rosík
pH-Chromatography of antibiotics. I. Biosynthesis of penicillin 661 667
V. Betina
The evaluation of cellulose by 'U' value 668 676
V. Mašura
New diagram for the evaluation of extraction reactions 677 681
J. Schmied
The effect of the morphology of cellulose fibers on their suitability for chemical processing 682 688
A. Kramár and A. Ebringerová

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