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Volume 15, Number 8 / 1961, Pages 529 – 616

A theory for rationally describing the location of cross sections and points on a figure in multicomponent systems. I. Simple first-order cross sections 529 546
M. Malinovský, K. Matiašovský, and C. Kubík
Derivatives of ferrocene. III. Preparation of fulvenes from monoacetyl- and diacetylferrocenes 547 553
M. Furdík, Š. Toma, and J. Suchý
The preparation of antiarrhythmic compounds 554 557
P. Šefčovič, K. Babor, and V. Kaláč
The preparation of α,β-unsaturated ketones derived from acetylpyridines. I 558 562
Ľ. Krasnec, J. Ďurinda, and L. Szűcs
Complexometric determination of sulfates 563 567
I. Odler and J. Gebauer
Flame-photometric determination of sulfates 568 570
I. Odler and J. Gebauer
Spectrophotometric determination of allyl chloride 571 574
K. Bencze
Equations for the bed height of continuously operating adsorption columns 575 589
Dynamics of adsorption in continuously operating columns from the standpoint of the equations of the height of the bed 590 606
Š. Kachaňák
A simple method for testing the thermal stability of stationary phases in gas-liquid chromatography 607 611
O. Mlejnek and H. Sečkařová

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