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Volume 16, Number 3 / 1962, Pages 169 – 240

Testing the formation of aluminum chloride complexes with optical rotation in a magnetic field 169 174
E. Plško and T. Obert
The reaction of pectin with gelatin. I. Factors affecting the flocculation of pectin-gelatin complexes 175 186
V. Zitko, J. Rosík, and J. Vašátko
The structure of o-aminoazo compounds 187 199
K. Antoš and Š. Kováč
Phthalides and 1,3-indandione. XI. Preparation and anticoagulation effect of 2-(halophenyl)-1,3-indandiones 200 205
P. Hrnčiar and V. Kovalčík
The isolation of heart glycosides from Helleborus purpurascens. II. Enzymic hydrolysis of hellebrin to deglucohellebrin 206 209
D. Šikl, Š. Bauer, and L. Masler
Reaction of ammonium sulfite and ammonium bisulfite with formaldehyde 210 216
S. Stankoviansky
Automatic radiometric titration 217 223
J. Tölgyessy and V. Šajter
Biosynthesis of vitamin B12 for the production of feed concentrates 224 231
E. Buntová, A. Peštuková, and E. Czafiková
The evaluation of alkali celluloses by rheologic measurements 232 238
V. Mašura

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