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Volume 17, Number 7 / 1963, Pages 461 – 524

Rebound for study of thermal degradation of natural rubber 461 468
P. Králik
Changes of mechanical properties of natural rubber during degradation 469 474
P. Králik
Hydrogen bridges and infrared absorption spectra of alkoxy esters of salicylic acid 475 481
Š. Kováč
Synthesis of arylthio-s-triazines 482 487
J.Drábek and M. Škrobal
The structure of the dithiocyanatodiamminecuprate(II) complex 488 492
J. Garaj
Space group of symmetry of p-dimethylaminophenyl isothiocyanate and 4-[bis(β-chloroethyl)amino]phenyl isothiocyanate 493 497
L. Ulický and T. Dillingerová
Analysis of two-component systems by the back-scattering of β-particles 498 503
J. Klas
Determination of copper and zinc in certain pharmaceutical preparations by measurement of the intensity of back-scattered β-rays 504 509
M. Šaršúnová, J. Klas, and J. Tölgyessy
Determination of purine bases. II. Argentometric determination of 6-mercaptopurine in the presence of certain other purine bases 510 516
K. Linek, C. Peciar, and M. Fedoroňko
Oscillographic polarography in quantitative analysis. XVI. The determination of ruthenium and osmium 517 523
P. Beran, M. Burian, and J. Doležal

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