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Volume 17, Number 4 / 1963, Pages 221 – 284

Diffusion between liquid-liquid interface. I. Solution of special case of interfacial diffusion 221 228
L. Valko
The reaction of polyisoprenes in oxidative radical processes 237 247
A. Tkáč and V. Kellö
Kinetics of the thermal cleavage of hydrogen chloride from poly(vinyl chloride) in a stream of nitrogen [at 210-250°] 248 254
M. Lisý
Aminolysis of socrose. II. Reaction of certain oligosaccharides and polysaccharides with aqueous ammonia solution 255 264
I. Ježo and I. Lužák
Application of oscillographic polarography or reaction kinetic measurements. II 265 267
G. Dušinský
The determination of radiocesium in biological material 268 273
V. Zbořil and T. Trnovec
The determination of hexamethylenetetramine in the presence of formaldehyde in waste waters 274 279
V. Stankovič

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