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Volume 17, Number 2 / 1963, Pages 81 – 160

The macromolecular-free radical degradation level in the thermal degradation of polydienes as revealed by the electron-spin-resonance method 81 94
A. Tkáč, Z. Frait, and M. Ondris
An application of graphite electrode as an indicator in potentiometric titrations of weak bases in anhydrous acetic acid 95 108
J. Berčík and Z. Hladký
Effect of tannin on the reaction of pectin with gelatin 109 117
V. Zitko and J. Rosík
Determination of small amounts of methyl alcohol in ethyl alcohol by gas chromatography 118 125
O. Mlejnek and V. Adamec
Aminolysis of socrose. I 126 139
I. Ježo
The determination of calcium salts by measuring the intensity of back-scattered beta radiation 140 145
J. Tölgyessy, M. Šaršúnová, and J. Klas
The colorimetric determination of chlorine dioxide in the presence of chlorine in water 146 151
P. Kerényi and P. Kuba
Laboratory pressure and flow controls for gases 152 155
M. Lisý and J. Surový

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