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Volume 18, Number 5-6 / 1964, Pages 313 – 476

The adsorption in oscillographic polarography and alternating-current polarography 313 323
H. Jehring
Electrolytic reactions of manganese(II) ions in the presence of oxygen 324 332
M. Heyrovský
Oscillographic polarography in quantitative analysis. XXII. The determination of trace amounts of Cu, Pb, Cd and Zn in Be and Mg metals and in Hf 333 340
P. Beran, J. Doležal, and P. Pacák
Oscillographic Polarography of Inorganic Polyphosphates and Certain Polymeric Substances Having the Character of Polyanions Isolated from Biological Material 341 346
J. Boháček and Č. Singh
Oscillopolarographic reduction of pyridine 347 354
R. Kalvoda
Oscillopolarographic observation of the cleavage of the lactone rings and isomerization of cardioactive glycosides. I. Cardenolides 355 362
L. Molnár and K. Molnárová
Comparative studies on the ring-cleavage of ethyleniminoquinones by hydrolysis 363 368
G. Horn
Oscillopolarographic and chromatographic study of disrupted stability of lobelines 369 377
V. Parrák, E. Radějová, and F. Machovičová
Structural effects in the oscillographic polarography of ferrocanes 378 384
J. Komenda
Oscillopolarographic study of the oxidation kinetics of cyclohexanol and cyclohexanone with hydrogen peroxide 385 390
Ľ. Treindl and E. Palacková
Oscillopolarographic study of some macromolecular compounds used in textile chemistry 391 398
Á. Gergely, V. Komiszár, I. Rusznák, and I. Králik
Oscillographic polarography of some complex ions of diacidotetrammines of cobalt(III) 399 402
R. Ralea, G. Burlacu, and D. Giurgiu
The oscillopolarographic behavior of platinum metals in anhydrous NH4NO3.nNH3 403 406
W. Hubicki and J. Matysik
Oscillopolarographic determination of some metals in the presence of pyrocatechol in basic electrolyte 407 409
J. Matysik
Oscillographic polarography in quantitative analysis. XXI. Determination of mercury, silver, and gold 410 413
V. Vrtílková and R. Kalvoda
Oscillographic polarographic determination of small amounts of thallium in the presence of excessive amounts of tin and cadmium 414 417
R. Popper
Oscillopolarographic determination of tetranitromethane in nitromethane 418 421
J. S. Hetman
Oscillopolarographic determination of thalidomide 422 424
J. S. Hetman
The oscillopolarographic determination of meprobamate in biological material 425 428
I. Hynie and J. Prokeš
Oscillopolarographic behavior of zinc-ion modified serum-filtrate reaction in acute lung aliments 429 434
F. Musil
Application of oscillographic polarography in photochemistry. I. Pyrimidines 435 439
D. Kaláb
Nucleic acids. II 440 443
D. Kaláb
Use of oscillopolarography in textile-chemical investigations. V. The effect of experimental factors on modified melamineformaldehyde synthetic resin precondensates 444 447
Gy. Pályi and L. Erdélyi
Oscillopolarographic study of benzodithione, benzotrithione, ethyl dithione-5-carboxylate, and ethyl trithione-5-carboxylate with the streaming electrode 448 449
Ch. Stockmann
Oscillographic polarography with a square wave alternating current 450 453
R. Kalivoda
Oscillopolarographic registration of the medium speed reactions. The hydrolysis of bis(ethylenimino)benzoquinone 454 457
E. Bauer and H. Berg
Technical design of an oscillopolarograph with a wide range of application 458 461
F. Ševčík and K. Metzl
Universal device for drop-time control based on the electrodynamic principle 462 464
K. Metzl and F. Ševčík

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