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Volume 20, Number 8 / 1966, Pages 561 – 640

Spectrochemistry of electrolytic sludges. I. Spectrographic determination of indium 561 568
L. Koller and M. Matherny
Thermal decomposition of thiourea studied by gravimetric thermal analysis and infrared spectroscopy 569 576
E. Jóna and T. Šramko
Polysaccharide from the resin of the peach tree Prunus persica 577 585
J. Rosík, M. Bruteničová-Sósková, V. Zitko, and J. Kubala
Aminolysis of sucrose. VIII. Formation mechanism of heterocyclic compounds 586 594
I. Ježo and I. Lužák
Periodate oxidation of saccharides. II. Oxidation of maltose and determination of total formic acid 595 599
K. Babor, V. Kaláč, and K. Tihlárik
Gas chromatographic determination of O,O-dimethyl, O,Odiethyl, and O-methyl O-ethyl S-(2-ethylmercaptoethyl) dithiophosphate in technical mixtures 600 604
J. Hrivňák, V. Bátora, and Z. Veselá
Amino acid composition of dried cultivated lucerne 605 610
M. Bačová and J. Zelinka
Apparatus for thermal degradation of polymers 611 614
V. Ďurďovič
Semiautomatic apparatus for purification of mercury 615 617
V. Grmela

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