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Volume 20, Number 3 / 1966, Pages 161 – 232

Kinetics of the substitution of chromium(III) complexes. IV. Aquation of thiocyanatopentaamminechromium(III) and tetrathiocyanatodianilinochromate ions 161 168
V. Holba and P. Ševčík
Action of dicumyl peroxide on polyolefins and their mixtures 169 179
J. Bartoň
Chromatographic separation and determination of 51Cr, 54Mn, 60Co, and 59Fe 180 187
M. Fojtík and V. Koprda
Extraction-radiometric titration 188 195
F. Kukula and M. Křivánek
CuSO4-NH3-(NH4)2CO3-NH4SCN-H2O system. II. Physicochemical investigation of solutions 196 201
J. Garaj and J. Gažo
Calculation of the hydrogen ion concentrations in solutions of several acids or bases 202 205
J. Klas
Simple scintillator measuring probe for the measurement of β-radiation absorption in liquid samples 206 208
P. Dillinger and J. Tölgyessy
Experiences with conductoscope IV 209 211
J. Poór
Isomersion of copper complexes 212 221
J. Gažo

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