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Volume 26, Number 1 / 1972, Pages 3 – 96

Irregular structures in poly(vinyl chloride). I. Saturated structures 3 17
L. Valko, I. Tvaroška, and V. Kellö
Study of Kinetics of Poly (vinyl chloride) Swelling in Cyclohexanone 18 26
L. Lapčík, J. Očadlík, and V. Kellö
Changes of ESR Spectrum of Poly(methyl methacrylate) during Decay of Free Radicals at High Pressures 27 30
F. Szöcs
 Phase Diagram of the System Li3AlF6—KCl. I. Theory 31 35
M. Malinovský and K. Matiašovský
Double Layer Capacity Measurements in Molten Salts 36 40
P. Fellner and K. Matiašovský
To the Problem of the Formation of Modifications of Calcium Oxide 41 43
I. Čakajdová
Solubility of dimethylamine in water and alcohols 44 48
W. Niepel, J. P. Novák, J. Matouš, and J. Šobr
Basicity of N-monosubstituted amidines 49 52
J. Ševčík
Synthesis and Polarographic Reduction of 2-Nitro-2'-hydroxyazobenzene Derivatives 53 59
J. Běluša, V. Krchňák, M. Potáček, and E. Rabušic
Separation of the Racemate of Mandelic Acid by Electrophoresis on the Starch Block 60 62
V. Kaláč, K. Babor, and K. Tihlárik
α,β-Unsaturated ketones derived from acetylpyridines. V. Preparation and structure of some heterocyclic analogs of 1,3,5-triphenyl-2-pyrazoline 63 70
L. Szücs, A. Bradlerová, A. Nagy, J. Ďurinda, and J. Heger
Alternative Syntheses of Methylated Sugars. V. Methyl Furanosides of 6-0- and 2,6-Di-O-methyl-D-glucose 71 75
P. Kováč and M. Petríková
Reactions of Saccharides Catalyzed by Molybdate Ions. I. Preparation of D-Talose by Hydroxylation of D-Galactal 76 81
V. Bílik
Preparation of 6-O-Acetyl-D-glucose 82 83
V. Bílik
Cyanoethylation of Powdered Cross-linked Cellulose 84 88
J. Pastýr and Ľ. Kuniak

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