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Volume 32, Number 3 / 1978, Pages 294 – 432

Paramagnetic species in the reactions of organometallic reagents. VI. High-resolution ESR spectra of anion radicals 294 301
A. Staško, A. Tkáč, Ľ. Malík, V. Adamčík, and M. Hronec
Preparation and properties of tetravanadatodiphosphates(2-) M21P2V4O16.nH2O 302 306
P. Schwendt and M. Turazová
Valence orbital ionization potentials of K(2)L(8)M(18)4s24p64dα5sβ5pγ atoms and ions 307 313
P. Pelikán, L. Turi Nagy, M. Liška, and R. Boča
Hydrodynamic properties of rotary-disc extractor. I. Distribution of the sizes of drops and their residence times 314 327
L. Blažej, M. Vajda, and S. Bafrncová
Hydrodynamic properties of rotary-disc extractor. II. Longitudinal mixing in continuous phase 328 340
L. Blažej, M. Vajda, S. Bafrncová, and J. Havalda
Hydrodynamic properties of rotary-disc extractor. III. Longitudinal mixing in dispersed phase 341 355
L. Blažej, M. Vajda, S. Bafrncová, and J. Havalda
Hydrodynamic properties of rotary-disc extractor. IV. Axial profiles of flow characteristics and calculation of concentration profile 356 365
L. Blažej, M. Vajda, and S. Bafrncová
Coulometric determination of organic compounds. III. Determination of some phenoxazones by titanometric coulometry 366 371
V. Stužka and V. Štefanidesová
Reactions of saccharides catalyzed by molybdate ions. XXI. Preparation of some ω-deoxyaldoses 372 377
V. Bílik, L. Petruš, Ľ. Stankovič, and K. Linek
Furan derivatives. CI. Nitration of methyl 2-cyano-3-R-3-(2-furyl)acrylates and some properties of their nitro derivatives 378 385
M. Černayová, J. Kováč, M. Dandárová, P. Foltínová, and L. Ebringer
Furan derivatives. CIII. Nitration of methyl 3-(5-nitro-2-furyl)acrylate 386 391
J. Kováč and D. Végh
Furan derivatives. CVI. Infrared, ultraviolet, and Raman spectra of substituted 5-phenyl-2-furonitriles 392 396
F. Považanec, J. Kováč, A. Piklerová, and Š. Kováč
Furan derivatives. CVII. Stereochemistry of substituted β-(2-furyl)vinyl cyanides 397 401
F. Považanec, J. Kováč, and M. Dandárová
Reactions of 2-naphthoyl isothiocyanate and β-(1-naphthyl)acryloyl isothiocyanate with enamines, phenylhydrazine, and sodium hydrogen sulfide 402 407
M. Dzurilla, P. Kristian, and A. Jurkechová
Preparation and properties of some 3-phenoxazone derivatives 408 413
V. Dostál, V. Bekárek, and E. Ružička
Preparation of 3-, 4-, and 6-deoxyderivatives of guanosine diphosphate-D-mannose 414 419
S. Kučár, J. Zámocký, J. Zemek, and Š. Bauer
Synthesis of D-glucose 3-O-ethers as models representing the α-ether type linkage between lignin and carbohydrates 420 424
Ľ. Kosáková, B. Košíková, and D. Joniak

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