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Volume 39, Number 2 / 1985, Pages 145 – 288

Influence of oxygen on the Belousov—Zhabotinsku oscillating reaction. I. Dependence of oscillatory parameters on the gas flow, method of bubbling, stirring, and temperature 147 160
I. Tkáč, Ľ. Treindl, and A. Tkáč
Influence of oxygen on the Belousov—Zhabotinskii oscillating reaction. II. Liberation of gaseous reaction products and concentration oscillations of oxygen 161 174
I. Tkáč and Ľ. Treindl
Influence of oxygen on the Belousov—Zhabotinskii oscillating reaction. III. Release of bromides, kinetics of malonic acid oxidation by manganese(III), and simulating calculations 175 190
I. Tkáč and Ľ. Treindl
Belousov—Zhabotinskii reaction with the ethyl ester of 3-oxobutanoic acid in the presence of Mn(II)—Mn(III) 191 199
Ľ. Treindl and M. Mrákavová
Influence of temperature on oscillating reaction with lactic, tartaric, and oxalic acid 201 206
Ľ. Adamčíková and P. Ševčík
Kinetics of alkaline hydrolysis of the monomethyl ester of terephthalic acid in mixed aqueous-organic solvents 207 216
V. Holba and J. Benko and
Solvent effects on the kinetics of oxidation of the cysteinato-bis(ethyIenediamine)cobaIt(III) ion by periodate 217 228
J. Benko and O. Vollárová
Kinetics and mechanism of the reaction of aluminium in aqueous solution of sodium hydroxide 229 235
M. Miadoková and M. Molnárová-Plchová
Inhibition of aluminium reaction in aqueous sodium hydroxide solution 237 244
M. Miadoková and J. Petrtýlová
MB-RSPT calculations of reaction energies for the series of reactions including C1 to C4 molecules 245 254
V. Kellő, J. Noga, and "M. Urban
Classification of the possible symmetries of the Jahn—Teller syste 255 270
P. Pelikán and M. Breza
Molecular aspects of intramolecular hydrogen abstractions in solid polymers 271 284
J. Bartoš, P. Šimon, and L. Valko

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