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Volume 59, Number 6a / 2005, Pages 373 – 448

An Efficiency of the Liquid Homogenization in Agitated Vessels Equipped with Off-Centred Impeller 373 379
J. Szoplik and J. Karcz
Comparison of Different Techniques for Modelling of Flow Field and Homogenization in Stirred Vessels 380 385
M. Moštěk, A. Kukuková, M. Jahoda, and V. Machoň
Experimental Assessment and CFD Simulations of Local Solid Concentration Profiles in a Pilot-Scale Stirred Tank 386 393
M. Špidla, M. Moštěk, V. Sinevič, M. Jahoda, and V. Machoň
Turbulent Reacting Flow Simulation Based on the Multi-Environment Mixing Model 394 402
O. Mierka, J. Stopka, M. Kiša, and Ľ. Jelemenský
Kinetics of Partial Methane Oxidation Process over the Fe-ZSM-5 Catalysts 403 408
B. Michalkiewicz
Dynamics of Evening Primrose Protein Hydrolysis 409 412
J. Golabczak, J. Strakowska, and A. Konstantynowicz
Comparison of Single Coal Char Particle Combustion at Different Conditions 413 420
K. Holíková, R. Žajdlík, J. Markoš, and Ľ. Jelemenský
Simulation of Toluene Extractive Distillation from a Mixture with Heptane 421 427
P. Steltenpohl, M. Chlebovec, and E. Graczová
Extended Utilization of the Characterization of Petroleum Mixtures Based on Real Components 428 433
E. Eckert and T. Vaněk
Analysis of Reaction-Transport Phenomena in a Microfluidic System for the Detection of IgG 434 440
M. Přibyl, V. Knápková, D. Šnita, and M. Marek
Design and Economics of Industrial Production of Fructosyltransferase 441 448
K. Vaňková, M. Antošová, and M. Polakovič

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