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Volume 60, Number 4 / 2006, Pages 253 – 326

Influence of medium on the kinetics of oxidation of iron(II) ion with t-butyl hydroperoxide 253 267
B. Mihaljević and D. Ražem
Synthesis of new thiazolo[2,3-b]pyrimidine derivatives of pharmaceutical interest 268 273
Enthalpic analysis of the CaTiSiO5 system 274 278
I. Nerád, L. Kosa, E. Mikšíková, and K. Adamkovičová
Kinetic, spectrophotometric determination of nanogram levels of manganese(II) using catalytic azo dye—potassium periodate—1,10-phenanthroline system 279 282
Application of a ternary complex of tungsten(VI) with 4-nitrocatechol and thiazolyl blue for extraction-spectrophotometric determination of tungsten 283 287
V. D. Lekova, K. B. Gavazov, and A. N. Dimitrov
Determination of risperidone at picogram level in human urine by luminol—H2O2 chemiluminescence 288 292
X. F. Xie, X. D. Shao, and Z. H. Song
Electrochemical dissolution of chalcopyrite studied by voltammetry of immobilized microparticles 293 296
Ľ. Pikna, L. Lux, and T. Grygar
Colon tissue concentrations of copper, iron, selenium, and zinc in colorectal carcinoma patients 297 301
P. Hornik, D. Milde, Z. Trenz, K. Vysloužil, and V. Stužka
Structure of tetrakis(pyridinioacetate) neodymium(III) tetrahydrate perchlorate 302 305
Y. M. Song, X. Q. Yao, T. Deng, J. X. Wu, and Q. Wu
Thermally stable oligomer—Metal complexes based on oligo-ortho-aminophenol and oligophenylazomethinephenol 306 310
H. Mart, M. C. Koç, V. Muradoğlu, and H. Yürük
Adsorption of SO2 on alumina 311 314
P. Fellner, J. Jurišová, V. Khandl, A. Sýkorová, and J. Thonstad
One-pot, three-component synthesis of secondary amines and trisubstituted hydrazines from ketones 315 317
H. Tavakol and S. Zakery
Synthesis of α,α′-bis(R-benzylidene)cycloalkanones catalyzed by potassium hydrogen sulfate under solvent-free conditions 318 320
X. H. Cai, B. Xie, and H. Guo
Electrical conductivity of the molten KF—K2TaF7 system 321 323
M. Korenko and S. Kuznetsov
New substituted mono-and bis(imidazolyl)pyridines and their application in nitroaldolisation reaction 324 326
R. Keder, P. Drabina, J. Hanusek, and M. Sedlák

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