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Volume 43, Number 6 / 1989, Pages 721 – 848

Influence of metal stearates on thermal-stability of poly(vinyl chloride) .1. Calcium stearate 721 731
J. Oremusová, P. Šimon, L. Valko, and P. Kovařík
Influence of alginate gel composition on the productivity of an immobilized yeast bioreactor 733 742
V. Báleš, A. Bukovská, L. Pach, J. Herain, and I. Langfelder
Allyl rearrangement of 3-methyl-1-penten-4-yn-3-ol 743 751
A. Škoda, D. Mravec, and J. Ilavský
Preparation of mercapto compounds containing ferrocenyl group 753 759
M. Yong-Xiang, M. Chun-Lin, and S. Fen-Ling
Syntheses and properties of titanocene derivatives containing ferrocenecarboxylato ligands 761 770
M. Yong-Xiang and M. Chun-Lin
Preparation and cyclization of 3-substituted 1-(2-cyanophenyl)-thioureas 771 781
P. Pazdera, D. Ondráček, and E. Nováček
Structure of hippocastanoside, a new saponin from the seed pericarp of horse-chestnut (Aesculus-hippocastanum L). 1. Structure of the aglycone 783 791
A. Vadkerti, B. Proksa, and Z. Votický
Constituents of lilium-candidum l 793 796
D. Uhrí n, A. Bučková, E. Eisenreichová, M. Haladová, and J. Tomko
Phytochemical study of salvia-officinalis l 797 803
I. Mašterová, D. Uhrín, V. Kettmann, and V. Suchý
Bead cellulose and its use in biochemistry and biotechnology 805 848
P. Gemeiner, M.J. Beneš, and J. Štamberg
Index 851 864

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