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Volume 45, Number 4 / 1991, Pages 433 – 573

Electron spin resonance and optical spectral studies of a titanium(III) complex formed with nitrilotriacetic acid 433 448
P.I. Premović and L.S. Jovanović
Electron-affinity and ultraviolet-absorption spectra of (E)-β-nitrostyrenes 449 455
A. Barański and E. Cholewka
Dissociation model of the electrical-conductivity of molten salt mixtures. 6. Systems containing bivalent cation 457 461
M. Chrenková, M. Hura, and V. Daněk
Micellization of dimethylbenzyldodecylammonium bromide and the micelle association with bromide counterions studied by potentiometry and cryoscopy 463 472
F. Kopecký, M. Vojteková, P. Stopjaková, and J. Oremusová
Possible symmetries of Jahn-Teller distortions for Oh parent group 473 479
M. Breza
Emulsion polymerization of butyl acrylate in the presence of hydrophilic seed polymer particles 481 497
I. Capek
Fixation of lithium cations in montmorillonite 499 507
J. Bujdák, H. Slosiariková, Ľ. Nováková, and B. Číčel
Analytical use of polyurethane foam sorbents for enrichment processes .1. Enrichment and determination of trace-elements in natural-waters 509 516
J. Rigas, Š. Palágyi, G. Holéczyová, and M. Matherny
Kinetic-study of the cyclization of 2-(3-phenylthioureido)benzonitrile to 3-phenyl-4-imino-1,2,3,4-tetrahydroquinazoline-2-thione 517 525
P. Pazdera and J. Pichler
2-(3-acylthioureido)benzonitriles. 1. Synthesis and cyclization reactions of 2-(3-acylthioureido)benzonitriles 527 540
P. Pazdera, V. Potůček, E. Nováček, I. Kalviňš, P. Trapencieris, and O. Pugovics
Kinetics of catalytic-hydrogenation of 3,7-dimethyl-9-(2,6,6-trimethyl-1-cyclohexenyl)-2,7-nonadien-4-yne-1,6-diol 541 545
K. Šiška, J. Ilavský, and D. Mravec
Polysaccharide sulfates. 1. Conversion of sodium sulfates of starch, carboxymethylstarch, and (4-0-methyl-D-glucurono)-D-xylan into hydrogen sulfates 547 552
K. Tihlárik and E. Lattová
Saccharide constituents of horse chestnut (Aesculus-hippocastanum L.) seeds. 1. Monosaccharides and their isolation 553 558
Z. Hricovíniová and K. Babor
Kojic acid derivatives. 1. Preparation and bromination of some 5-hydroxy-2-(R-thiomethyl)-4H-pyran-4-ones 559 565
R. Sandtnerová and M. Koóš
5H-isoindolo[1,2-b][3]benzazepines. 8. Synthesis of derivatives of 5H-isoindolo[1,2-b]isoquinol-5-one 567 573
B. Proksa, D. Uhrín, and A. Vadkerti

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