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Volume 49, Number 2 / 1995, Pages 51 – 105

The Crystal and Molecular Structure of 3-Phenyl-5-benzyl-6-oxo-1,6-dihydro-1,2,4-triazine 51 53
Z. Trávníček, K. Nálepa, and J. Marek
Magnetic Properties of Chromium(lll) Complexes with Some Amino Acids 54 58
K. Gielzak and W. Wojciechowski
Control Mechanism for Alumina Dissolution in Cryolite Melts 59 63
Ž. Lubyová and V. Daněk
Viscosity of the System KF—KCl—KBF4 64 67
V. Daněk and D. K. Nguyen
Computer-Assisted Data Treatment in Analytical Chemometrics. 4. Classical Estimates of Parameters of Location, Scale, and Shape 68 75
M. Meloun and J. Militký
Mass Spectrometric Behaviour of Some Disalicyloxyalkanes under Electron Impact 76 79
E. Dziwinski
Ageing of GC Capillary Columns with Polar Stationary Liquid Phase and Retention Index of Hydrocarbons 80 84
L. Soják, I. Ostrovský, R. Kubinec, P. Kuráň, and V. G. Berezkin
Kinetics and Mechanism of Alkali-Catalyzed Reaction of 2-MethyIresorcinol with Formaldehyde in Different Media 85 90
H. C. Malhotra, P. S. Jassal, and M. Jassal
Reductive Acetylation of Some Naphthoquinones 91 93
M. A. Berghot and M. M. Girges
Synthesis of Vicinally Substituted by Halogen 4-Methylthio and Methylsulfonyl Derivatives of 2,6-Dimethylpyridine and Their 1-Oxides 94 96
H. Ban-Oganowska
Isolation and Characterization of Hemicelluloses of Corn Hulls 97 101
Z. Hromádková and A. Ebringerová
Modified Poly(Vinyl Alcohol) as a Dispersant in Suspension Polymerization of Vinyl Chloride. 4. Mixtures of Modified Poly(Vinyl Alcohol) 102 105
V. Macho, M. Fabíni, M. Rusina, S. Bobuľa, and M. Haruštiak

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