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Volume 50, Number 4 / 1996, Pages 157 – 248

History of the Faculty of Chemistry, Technical University, Brno 157 158
J. Brandštetr
Re-established Faculty of Chemistry, Technical University, Brno 159 161
L. Lapčík, J. Matoušek, and J. Cihlář
Evaluation of Equilibrium Constants from Potentiometrie Z—pH Normalized Curves Using the Partial Least Squares (PLS) Self-Calibration Method 162 166
J. Perůtka, J. Havel, L. Galindo, F. G. Montelongo, and J. J. Arias León
Solving Reaction Models for the Systems with Particulate Solids 167 176
O. Trnka, M. Hartman, Z. Beran, and K. Svoboda
Thermal Desorption Spectroscopy of Hydrogen from Amorphous Hydrogenated Silicon 177 182
O. Salyk, A. Poruba, and F. Schauer
On the Characterization of Transient Response Curves in Heterogeneous Catalysis 183 187
M. Pekař
Phase Composition of Solid Residues of Fluidized Bed Coal Combustion, Quality Tests, and Application Possibilities 188 194
J. Brandštetr and J. Havlica
Control Design Analysis of Tubular Chemical Reactors 195 198
P. Dostál, R. Prokop, Z. Prokopová, and M. Fikar
Methods of Electron Structure Spectroscopy in Molecular Organic Solids Based on Transient Photoconductivity with Space Charge 199 205
R. Handlíř, M. Weiter, and F. Schauer
Methods of Electron Structure Spectroscopy in Molecular Organic Solids Based on Space Charge Conductivity 206 217
F. Schauer, R. Novotný, and V. Čech
Dielectric Relaxation Spectroscopy of Some Polysaccharides 218 223
K. Liedermann and L. Lapčík
Preliminary Study of Sulfonation of Polystyrene by Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Reaction 224 227
F. Kučera and J. Jančář
Engineered Interphases in Particulate Filled Polypropylene 228 232
J. Jančář, A. T. Dibenedetto, and A. Dianselmo
Mechanical Properties of Polyamide Modified by Block Copolymers: Possible Effect of Tie-Molecules 233 237
M. Kučera, L. Vojtová, and J. Kotas
Control Strategy of Fed-Batch Cultivations of Yeasts 238 244
M. Rychtera, L. Paulová, J. Náhlík, K. Melzoch, and J. Votruba
Electrotransformation of Bacteria by Plasmid DNA: Effect of Serial Electroporator Resistor 245 248
B. Rittich, K. Manová, A. Španová, and L. Pribyla

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